A New Year, A New Calendar

It’s almost end of January, is it too late to get a 2013 calendar. Not for me. Last week, visited my favorite comics specialty shop, Mind Shop. I think it has been three months since my last visit, but since I have a standing account, I will never miss a single issue of my favorite titles. And due to the three months lapse, it cost me almost RM300 this time.

But the best part is, being a subscriber does has its perks. Other than all the free comics and free previews, this time I got a Marvel Now 2013 Calendar FOC. I gave this one to my kid since he was excited the first time he look at it. He didn’t ask for it, but from the look on his face, he really wants it, so I gave it to him,


If you ask me, I prefer the last year’s Women of Marvel Wall Calendar, but I don’t think I would able to hang it in my house wall :)

Or maybe this one, the 2013 Marvel Avengers Grid Calendar if I want it to hang it in any wall in my house.


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