Marvel Studios Announce ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

Finally, Marvel Studios announced the much anticipated sequel to Marvel’s The Avengers will be called ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. Check out the new logo.

For those of you who are following Marvel Marvel, would know that the title is the subject of 10-issue limited series comic book crossover storyline. It was published by Marvel Comics earlier this year that involves the return of Ultron and his Sentinels conquest of the earth. ‘Age of Ultron’ is a relatively recent Marvel Comics storyline. It will be interesting to see how much that the creative team can convert the comics to the big screen sequel to the 2012 blockbuster.

But … it’s weird to hint Thanos in the first movie and then get Ultron instead.

Avengers Age of Ultron

Anyway, the release date is May 1, 2015. It’s still a long way to go, but while waiting, lets watch the Avengers movie, again, again and again.

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