Sony Launched A New, Lighter And Slimmer PlayStation 3

Sony launched a new, lighter, slimmer PlayStation 3 although the PS3 is nearing its sixth birthday. One thing for sure is that Sony is trying to gain form Christmas sales, another thing is Sony is trying to capture new audience. Every year, there is a fresh new audience who are just growing up or those who just want tp convert from Xbox to PS3.

For the ones that already own one, I don’t see the need to get the new PlayStation 3 super slim. It’s lighter by 20 to 25% lighter than the recent model, but we don’t actually carry our PS3 around :)


Btw, it’s already in Malaysia.

It comes with a sliding disk cover and at the moment are available in two colors; charcoal black and classic white. The new PS3, the ones that are currently an be found at Sony Style Malaysia website comes with 500GB of hard disk size. The price starts at RM1199. There’s a package that comes with 2 DUALSHOCK®3 Wireless Controller at RM1388.

Check out this page to find the nearest Sony’s Partner Shop in Malaysia near you.

However, after checking at other online sites, Amazon is giving a better offer with the
PlayStation 3 500GB Assassin’s Creed III Bundle.

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  1. Larry Sanders December 21, 2012 Reply

    You’ll also be able to pick up the new 250GB PlayStation 3 system with the Uncharted Dual Pack that comes with the first two games and the inFamous collection that comes with the two games in that series plus the “Festival of Blood” DLC. You’ll also get 30 days of PlayStation Plus for free, all for $199.99. That’s a strong price for that package, and again, this is pricing from Sony, so most, if not all, retailers should be participating.

  2. Ned Steele February 4, 2013 Reply

    i love some of the sony ip´s. i said that many many times. i aprecciate the variety on the ps3…but in the end i believe the xbox360 is still the better videogame machine. that´s not making me a troll by the way….

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