Justice League Action Figures: DC Direct vs Kotobukiya

In the post How to Start an Action Figure Collection, I discussed on three things that you should consider before starting your own collection:
1. Find a niche
2. Get Connected
3. Catalog and Manage Your Collection

In finding a niche, I mention about limiting your collection to a particular theme. On top of that, you may also want to consider limiting your collection from a single manufacturer. This is mainly for one specific reason – consistency. Consistency in size, consistency in quality and etc. Imagine if you are collecting the DC’s New 52 Justice League figurine. You got one from DC Direct, another one from Mattel and another one from Kotobukiya.

Even if you are only collecting the Justice League, but since you are getting them from different manufacturers, your collection will not be consistent. It is also difficult to group them together for a photo shoot. They will just look weird and not as a Justice League team.

Wonder Woman could be taller than Aquaman. That can be a problem.

Let’s take Aquaman as an example in this comparison between DC Direct and Kotobukiya and go through on some of the differences.

DC DirectKotobukiya
Priced at $24.25. May change, please always refer here for the latest price.$29.97
Stands 6.75″
Stands nearly 8″ (1:10th scale)
Sculpturer was not mentioned, Sculpted by master artist Goutaro Takeuchi (Atelier Bamboo)
Posable - YesA fixed statue

Looking at the price alone, the difference is not much. If you are on a budget, you may want to ignore Kotobukiya totally. But if you prefer the finest details, then go for Kotobukiya. Kotobukiya is well known for its workmanship. If you want it to be poseable, then get DC Direct.

See … even if you are considering Aquaman, there are so many factors to consider 🙂 Anyways, there are a lot of videos on the internet that could help you with your decision. If you prefer to read reviews, there no place better that the reviews at Amazon, check it out.

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