Unboxing Play Station 3 SOCOM 4

I bought SOCOM 4 U.S. Navy SEALs Full Deployment Edition a few months back. Just recently I remembered that I have not posted the pictures. Playing games is what I do when I am not reading comics. I have completed Socom 4 and now playing Modern Warfare 3. Between these two, I like Modern Warfare 3 better. However, in terms of gameplay, MW3 is much shorter than SOCOM 4. I finished MW3 in 2 days, but a few weeks on Socom 4. Maybe it’s due to I started to play MW3 on weekends while SOCOM 4 was played on weekdays and also with the PS Shooter. It took a while to get used to it.

This is my son with the PS Move Shooter.

If you are planning to get a move set for your PS3, get the bundle like I did with SOCOM 4. It’s much cheaper than if you buy them separately. At Amazon, it’s only $99.99. SOCOM 4: US Navy Seals Full Deployment Edition contents:

  • SOCOM 4 US Navy SEALs Blu-ray disc
  • PlayStation Move motion controller
  • PlayStation Move navigation controller
  • PlayStation Eye camera
  • PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter gun peripheral

Although SOCOM 4 is not the latest shooter, please check it out. Old title price tends to drop.

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