Why should I grow up?

POPCORN by Gempakstarz

Popcorn looks promising, but after the first issue came out in December 2008, there's no 2nd issue. I couldn't find any in the nearest bookstore. Even GempakStarz.com is still showing the

CicakMan Comic Series

I bought a local comic recently. The Cicakman comic series published by KRU. Cicak is a word in Malay which means Gecko. Cicakman = Geckoman. There are three movies about

Iron Man

Bring on the sequel, please :) I find Iron Man just brilliant, terrific and uniquely entertaining. It's the best comic movie ever. A perfect adaptation from the comics and there's more


Transformers the movie has just made Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer looked like a Tom & Jerry TV show. You can't even compare Pirates of the Caribbean to it, and Captain Jack

Seen Spider-Man 3?

"It seems that one person can make a difference, nuff said." If I remember correctly, that is what Stan Lee said to Peter Parker in the movie. Yes, the creator of Spider-man made a

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