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Where To Buy Comics In Malaysia

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If you just started reading comics and you live in Malaysia, and if you don’t know where to buy comics in Malaysia especially the ongoing series of your Marvel and DC Comics, then you have come to the right place.

This article was originally written in July 2012, hence the old comments. After so many changes to the comic scene in Malaysia, I had to re-write it again and finally I was able to complete it. Since all the information is all new, I have reposted it again today (updated Nov 1st, 2020)

Ok, let’s do it – Where To Buy Comics In Malaysia, KL especially?

You could always get Marvel Comics or DC Comics at the book store chains such as the MPH bookstore, Borders, BookXcess, and also Kinokuniya.

Most of the comics there are compilations such as trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and omnibus. If you prefer the whole set like the Secret Invasion mini-series in one hardcover, you could surely get that from the stores above.

However, you can’t get the ongoing series from most of the book chains except for Kinokuniya KLCC.

Back in the 1980s, it was easy to find comics everywhere. You can even get them from the mamak stalls that were selling newspapers and magazines.

The comic book scene had a large fan base back then. In the late 1980s, we saw the birth of our own local comic book stores such as The Mind Shop and The Comics Corner. Many more comics book stores started to open after that like Earth 638 and The Final Frontier.

I used to spend a few hours on weekends (at least once a month) at The Mind Shop since they first opened in KL Plaza until they finally closed at Sri Damansara. To get my pull list and to also browse back issues.

Now, most of them have closed.

So, where to buy comics in Malaysia, especially the monthly ongoing single-issue one?

As of today there are two physical stores in the Klang Valley to get your ongoing series.

There is one in Kuala Lumpur and another in Petaling Jaya.

1. Kinokuniya Malaysia

Kinokuniya has the ongoing series, but you can’t get back issues here. If you are a collector, it is best if you skip Kinokuniya. The comics come with plastic covers but there were a few times they were without backing boards. If anyone else mishandles it before you, then it would not be in mint/near mint condition anymore.

Where To Buy Comics In Malaysia 1
Picture from My Comics Community. More about them below.

Kinokuniya Suria KLCC Store
Lot 406-408 & 429-430 Level 4,
Suria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre,
Kuala Lumpur 50088
Tel: 03-2164-8133
Kinokuniya online store

2. The Last Comic Shop

The Last Comic Shop is you friendly neighborhood Local Comic Shop located at Petaling Jaya. You can get all the latest issues of western comics like Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, and more here.

All the comics are already in bags and boards.

You can also maintain your pull list with them. Take note that payment is in advance. For pre-orders, comic bag and board is optional at RM 1.50 a set. The details are on their FB page, refer link below.

It’s easy to order your comics from them:

  1. View the latest monthly catalog from DC Connect or Previews World.
  2. Fill up the order form. You need to specify all your requirements – single issue only, pull, the number of copies, delivery, etc.
  3. Then they will contact you for further details as needed.

The Last Comic Shop has back issues as well, but the oldest so far is from 2018. For your information, The Last Comic Shop took over the business from The Comics Corner in 2018.

If you plan to sell your comic collection, you can also check with them for a free no-obligation quote. Make your life easier to get rid of extra copies and non-key issues.

Where is The Last Comic Shop located?

Outside of the last comics shop at SS22/23
The Last Comic Shop is on the first floor. Refer to the arrow. On the left, which is not in the picture is the Atria shopping gallery.
The Last Comic Shop
They have a wide selection of comics.
The Last Comic Shop at Damansara Jaya
Visited the place during MCO. Only a few people inside.

The Last Comic Shop
75 A (1st Floor)
Jalan SS 22/23
Damansara Utama
47400 Petaling Jaya
More details on their Facebook page.

There are two other places where you can get you on-going issues via pre-order and also maintain your pull list. There’s no physical shop like the two above. All orders are through the respective FB Group.

I am currently buying from both.

3. Malaysia Comics Alliance 大馬美漫聯盟

This FB group is managed by KinWei. Just follow his post in the group. His posts contain what comics are available and when is the cut off date to order. All you need to do is reply which one and how many copies before the due date.

He will then contact you for details and payment.


  • SPIDER-MAN #5 (OF 5)
  • RM 21.20
  • Due Sat 2 PM 31/10/20
How to order comics from Malaysia Comics Alliance

You could also let him know which one you want to include in your pull list. Payment is in advance and the price includes the comic bag and board.

Instead of going through each and every post, request for an order form which is in Excel. Just fill in the number of copies you want and send it back to him before the cut off date.

However, if you are looking for variant covers which may not be in the list, you still need to follow the posts in FB.

Link to Malaysia Comics Alliance 大馬美漫聯盟

You could either pick up your comics from him at Amcorp Mall every Sunday at 1 PM or request for a delivery (additional charges apply).

4. MY Comics Community

This group is maintained by Lee Heng Kok and Joel Matt Murdock. It works the same way as Malaysia Comics Alliance. Orders are through commenting on the FB post or Google docs.

Order comics from MY Comics Community

Bro Lee Heng Kok is from Seremban, and he would be at the A&W restaurant opposite of Amcorp Mall once a month for pick up.

Link to MY Comics Community.

5. Retro Comics Store

If you are looking for back-issue, there a shop in Sri Kembangan that sells back issues only. Retro Comics Store is a place that sell 50s until present comics, toys, retro games and related paraphernalia.

I have never been to the Retro Comic Store, it is actually quite far from my place. Will update this section later when I pay them a visit.

Retro Comics Store
32A-1, Jalan PUJ 3/2
Taman Puncak Jalil
43300 Seri Kembangan
More details on their Facebook page.

6. Comic and Hobby Island

This is a Facebook page where members post their back issues for sales. The admin is bro Jeremy Keanu Shia who is also the owner of Retro Comic Store.

FB Link.

7. Vintage Comics Malaysia

Vintage Comics sell back issues in their FB group. The owner, Wan Ahmad Saifuddin lives in Johor. If you are from Johor, and looking for back issues, you can save a lot in postage. Maybe you could arrange for COD.

Recently Vintage Comics started their own website, VintageComicsMalaysia.com. It works similar to Shopee, but for comics and action figures only.

I have listed some of my comics there too. You can have a look at my collection for sale at VintageComicsMalaysia here.

My X-Men (1991 1st Series) #24 is currently on Sale! at MYR35.00.

  • Classic cover art by Andy Kubert
  • Gambit and Rogue kiss
X-Men (1991) #24

Other Facebook pages, communities and groups worth mentioning are as follows.

8. Cekap Comics

9. Apokolips Galeria Comics

10. Malaysia Comics Market

  1. Comic collector says

    Last comic shop is definitely the last comic shop anyone would want to go! Overpriced books, extra charges for variant covers which doesn’t make sense, extra charges for bag/boards and even markup prices for new released books. Not to mention the bad packaging to deliver books that comes damaged.

    1. Azwan says

      I will update the post based on my most recent experience. I agree with you on the price part, but no complaint about the delivery. I received my comics without any damage.

  2. Muhd naqi says

    Do anyone know where can i find comic book store in perak?

    1. Azwan says

      Sorry Naqi, I don’t think there’s any in Ipoh. There’s a few 20 years ago.

      This blog post is also outdated. The Mind shop has closed. At this moment I am only aware of 2 comic shops in the Klang Valley
      – Retro Comics Store
      – The Last Comic Shop – Malaysia

      I will update this post, soon.

  3. Syed Johan says

    Hey guys, I’d really appreciate it if anyone has Comics Corner Damansara’s new number, or if they know any comic shops in Penang. Thanks.

    1. Jack Jack says

      Have you try the number given by Izumi Inoue above.

  4. Izumi Inoue says

    Hey guys, I got to know of The Comics Corner from this post so thank you, I’m now back to collecting single issues! 🙂

    Just thought I’d returned the favor seeing that there’s not a lot of information out there. Here’s a list of The Comics Corner’s outlets within the Klang Valley (as of January 2016) FYI:

    No. 36 SS15/4, Subang Jaya 47500 Selangor. (03-56347945)

    Lot G56 Plaza Ampang, 50400 Kuala Lumpur. (03-21448061)

    Lot 127, 2nd Floor Bangsar Shopping Complex, Jln Maarof, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. (03-20940521)

    Lot F2-39 Sunway Pyramid Megamall, Bandar Sunway, Selangor. (03-74922661)

    75A, 1st Floor, Jln SS22/23 Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. (03-77258528)

    Happy reading!

    1. Azwan says

      Thanks Izumi Inoue. Will update the post later.

    2. Noam RAY says

      Hi there,
      let me know if the places Izumi Inoue gave are still open.
      I’m looking for vintage comic books from Marvel in KL and area.

  5. zorro says

    Since mind shop has closed which do you recommend now,earth 638 or comics corner?also does anyone know a specialty store near kl

    1. Azwan says

      At this moment I have moved to digital comics. Reading it from my laptop, tablet and also from my hand phone. Will do a short video on this later, but if I come across a specialty store, will let you know

  6. Safian says

    I continued with Alex when he was operating Mind Shop from home. Unfortunately, it was discontinued since early this year 2015. Just for your info.

    1. Azwan says

      Thanks for the info Safian.

  7. amir says

    hello. Is the mind shop still open in centrepoint? I went there the other day and could not find it.

    1. Azwan says

      Hi Amir
      They have closed. Alex said that he will still operates mind shop from his house. opens on weekends only.

      1. Rudy says

        Azwan, where is it?

      2. Fiki says

        Yeah, do you have the address so we can go check them out?

        1. Azwan says

          Sorry, i do not have the address.

      3. Jeffery says

        Do u happen hv Alex mind shop hse tel no.?

        1. Azwan says

          Sorry I dont have his number anymore. Lost it when I changed to a new phone few years back. My mistake. Somehow it was not backup to google.

  8. Crow says

    Thanks for the recs above, Azwan. By the way, does anyone know where to look for CHEAPER comics in KL? I mean, they sell for close to a hundred bucks per issue in MPH; not exactly a good fit for a student’s budget. I’m looking for:

    1. Deadpool -Suicide Kings, Deadpool #19-21

    2. Batman -Thrillkiller, Batman Black & White, Flashpoint: Batman Knight of Vengeance #1–3

    3. The Sandman Chronicles by Neil Gaiman

    Those are it for now, but if you guys have any awesome series to suggest for Deadpool/ Batman/ Joker, I’m ALL ears. I’ve already read “The Killing Joke” and “A Serious House on a Serious Earth”, and would like to skip “Cable and Deadpool”, but anything else should be fine. Thanks!

  9. lim says

    any speciality location in penang ? tho I mean open shops but NOT for manga comics- marvel, dc etc

  10. PS says

    I would like to know is Iris and Sharon still attached with The Mind Shop? Which branch they based on? It’s been ages didn’t see them since Star Hill. Thank you.

    1. Azwan says

      Both of them are still with the mind shop. I don’t think there’s another branch other than the one at Centre Point Bandar Utama. The one at Star Hill has closed, the one at One Utama has closed also.

  11. Weasly says

    can i have the address? 😀

    1. Azwan says

      The address of the comic shop is as above, please read the post.

  12. TAN TK says

    FYI Iris and Sharon are not mother and daughter, they are actually neighbours and Sharon will normally drop by the shop to pick up Iris after work. I rekindled my interest in comics back in 2009 after stopping in 1989 mostly because of helpful people like Iris & Alex who didn’t mind me hanging around digging the bins and reading the Previews & also helping me find back issues and also because I got to meet a good friend in Eric Yeo who shares the same interests in comics and NBA.
    I strongly recommend the Mindshop for your weekly dose of comics

  13. Weasly says

    did selongor gt any comic books store? can introduce?

    1. Azwan says

      The Mind Shop is in Selangor

  14. Tengku Ari says

    Salam and hi again from the considerate concerning comic freak

    I went back to Malaysia a couple of years back and found that the only place where they stored comics was in bookstores at shopping malls in KL and Selangor, such as Kino and Mph, and these generic bookstores only had TPBs, which to my concern doesnt have so much authenticity values, and to most comic freaks globally, TPBSs dont count, and you only grab ’em when you’re in need for the stories, and you runnin low on the regulars, we freaks are longing for regulars , REGULAR ISSUES, mini series or other forms of comic formative regular commonalities. God, please help comic fans in Malaysia, bring back the comic scene, the comic specialities, and ease down a bit the toy fever, ease ’em abit so that comic could kick in and squeze in to retain its throne, once again.

    1. Azwan says

      Most of my friends (a few years older than you) have stop reading. Those who are still reading, have stop buying from specialty shop. They are buying comics online with the help of iPads of course.

      I don’t think the younger generation would be interested, unless they follow their dad to these specialty shops, like my kid. Comics are also expensive. Although it is only $3.99, when convert to RM plus postage etc etc, it could go up to RM15 per issue. Those titles that are not allowed to be imported can go up to RM20. Not a problem for a rich kid, but for the ones that only receive a daily allowance of RM2-4 per day, they may only be able to follow a single title.

      On the other hand, it’s cheaper buying the digital version. It will cost the same if you buy on the same day the physical copy is out, but if you wait a few weeks/months or promotion, you could get for 50% off and there are no other misc charges.

      Maybe that’s why, the collectors are getting lesser and lesser.

  15. Tengku Ari says

    There were 4 comic specialty shops in Penang back in the late 80s and early 90s, those were the golden years of my prolonged comic collecting age. Early 90s was the utmost profoundly significant years of my comic craze addiction, and I was staying in Sungai Petani, 30 minutes motorcycle ride to Penang island, and Comicverse, ComicShop, Novelhut and the other one that I forgot the name were the shops that I got most of my comic collections,,,those yesteryears Image and Top Cow and Wildstorm were the ultimate main companies and titles that I bought were mainly theirs. I didnt need to go to travel all the way to KL, coz those days Penang got their own comic universe, KL, and JB too. So we,re mainly owned the scene, in Utara, Tengah and Selatan Malaysia, it was so perfect, the comic scene territories in Malaysia was perfectly covered. But now , the online e-commerce and recent toy craze among the new generation of our local collectors has given a domestic epidemic called the fanboy generation gap. I am 35 years old and stil going strong in the comic addiction, and the rest of my fellow comic hoods are still going stronger with their comic collections, theres no turning back or shifting to new toy boy craze and we are not changing our belief and routes, we are still the ultimate comic fanboys, however the comic scene in malaysia has changed, like i said, the above mentioned matters are some of the main causes that have made most of the comic shops in malaysia to close down their business. Competition with the online stores and the toy hobby are the ruiners of the masses. My advice he to all the comic fans in malaysia, if you are still consider yourself as die hard comic freaks like me, please support your local comic specialty shops. Im not against online business or toy gene polls but the unfortunate events that took place in our comic scene has proven that lackness in supports has lead to the dying business and scene. Im still living abroad, in London, but i will be coming back to malaysia soon, and i hope there are still hope in our local scene when i get back. I will be dead if thes no comic special shop in malaysia, coz theres an immediate urgency in me to keep up prolonging my comic collection, its my drug addiction , and i need to continue them, please tell me there are still comic specialty survivors in malaysia. Thanks for reading this.

  16. admin says

    Never heard of one, sorry.

  17. sara says

    any mind shop like comic book stores in penang?

  18. admin says

    I have updated Earth 638 telephone number.

  19. Jon says

    What happen to the comic industry? I remember it was booming in the early to mid 90s than suddenly disappeared… hmm…

    1. admin says

      Maybe at that time, they were more concern on making fast bucks ie buying more than one copy per issue and re-sell back to collectors?

      Btw, do you read comics?

  20. Rick says

    Is the Mind Shop still at Bandar Utama? Does anyone knows if they carry Top Cow or Aspen comic books? Tq.

    1. admin says

      You should give them a call. The number is as above.

  21. azizi says

    how about online store? is there any of it in malaysia?

    1. admin says

      Azizi, 25 years ago memang ada. I used to order by mail when I was in Seremban. Now, that shop has closed. You can try calling Mind Shop and asked whether they provide this service or not.

      If not, then your only choice is to order the compilation from MPH online or maybe Amazon. But, if from Amazon, the postage to Malaysia will be very very expensive

  22. Jonathan says

    Yupe, Alex still there at The Mind Shop. Great shop with Marvel, DC and other comics.

  23. WaiMing says

    The Mind Shop is pretty perfect in comic business. I used to work @ the KL Plaza (now Fahrenheit 88) outlet. I’m not sure it’s still owned by Mr Alex. I was informed that Iris and her daughter running the store now. I thought it has closed down ever since the comic industries have crashed. That’s the reason why Marvel & DC are going into movie business. Still remember those acid-free polybags, backer boards & cardboard storage cases available exclusively here.


    1. admin says

      Ya, i remembered KL Plaza and also when they moved to One Utama. Alex is still around. I met him twice this year, but most of the time it’s Iris and her daughter.

      I still read comics and keep the titles as mentioned above. People do stare especially when I am reading it in public, but I find it is easier to pick up a comic to read than a book.

  24. zool cool says

    Earth 638 is going to relocate to Kelana Jaya, maybe you can update their new address by calling them.

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