CicakMan Comic Series

Although I buy, read and collect comics from Marvel and DC, it doesn’t mean that I will not buy comics from other publishers. Once in a while, I do buy other titles from other comic publishers.

Lately bought a local comic – Cicakman, from KRU. If translated to English, Cicak = Gecko, Cicakman = Geckoman.

The picture above is from Cicakman #9 – Hilang dan Kembali. I bought #8 before this, didn’t like it. Bought #9 just to make sure. Yes, confirm it’s bad.

The paper quality is good. For only half the price of a Marvel comic, it is really worth it. The storyline is still ok, if the target audience is for readers 12 years old and below.

The colors are great … however the drawing, Haih! Really bad. There are better local artists than this one, why not hire them.

Another thing is, there’s no continuation between issues #8 and #9. KRU should think of doing that, as it builds anticipation. Even if the story is totally different and even if the story ends at #8, find a way to build the anticipation, without it, there’s nothing to look forward to.

Come on KRU. Cicakman 2 the movie really sucks, don’t make the same mistake on the comics.

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