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While looking for comics on the internet, you might stumble upon and downloaded comics file in the CBR format. A file that looks something like this: avengers#10.cbr.

What is a CBR File?

A CBR file extension is a CDisplay RAR Archived Comic Book file. It’s actually a RAR file that compressed the comic images into a file. If you don’t have a CBR reader to open a CBR file, you can rename the .CBR to .RAR and use any RAR utility to decompress it. Once decompressed you will get all the single PNG files and you can use any picture viewer to open.

How To Open a CBR File?

If you prefer to keep it in a single file and not decompress it, the easiest way to open a CBR file is to use a CBR reader. I am familiar with two and both are free to download and use:

Both works in the same way, not as good as the panel by panel as in the Marvel apps or Comixology guided view, but good enough to let you read the comics you downloaded from the internet.

This is how it looks like in full screen on my laptop using CDisplay Ex. As you can see, there are thumbnails on the left with the page number. You can disable the thumbnails feature if you like.

avengers 11 download

There are much more, but so far the two above fits my requirement perfectly. You can check the others listed below and then tell me What’s The Best Desktop Comic Book Reader?

  • MComix – Supports a variety of container formats including CBR, CBZ, CB7, CBT, LHA and PDF.
  • ComicRack – Supports reading CBZ, ZIP, CBR, RAR, CBT, TAR, CB7, 7Z, PDF and DJVU.
  • SimpleComic – This one is for Mac. Supports CBR, CBZ, ZIP, RAR, TAR, 7Z, LHA and others.
  • This one was recomended by a friend. He likes it a lot – YACReader

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