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Gempak: Info-Comic Magazine – Free Download of The Latest Issue Through The Android Apps

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Yeah! You read the title right. I am not kidding. Free Gempak Magazine.

I am not sure either, whether this is a design flaw or a marketing gimmick, but all the latest issues for the last 3 months of Gempak magazine were downloaded for free. At Google Play Store it is specifically written that:


Once downloaded, you can read the latest issue of digital GEMPAK ™ for free! (The next issue must be purchased separately.)

But seems like it is not the case. Since I downloaded the Android apps two months back, I have downloaded issues #396, #397 and #398. This is freaking awesome!

Don’t believe everything I say, check out the video which shows me downloading the full version of Gempak #398.

I prefer Popcorn than Gempak.

  1. Leng Chai says

    just to update you. i think they saw your post and got the app fix. i cant download it free anymore.

    1. Azwan says

      Haih … no more free online comic. Jack2, can you do something.

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