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Marvel NOW! Avengers #10 Comic Review

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Another throwback, this time is Marvel Now! Avengers #10. Avengers #10 is part of a new Marvel NOW! series that started in 2012 after the events of the Avengers vs. X-Men.

Honestly, the art in Avengers #10 is far better than the story. Mike Deodato does an impressive job with brilliant coloring by Frank Martin.  The details of the strange and creepy quarantine zone are excellent. 

Story-wise, it is not so engaging.

Marvel Now! Avengers #10 cover

Similar to what I had mentioned in Avengers #1, you need to read this issue twice just to grasp what’s going on. Jonathan Hickman raises many questions in Avengers #10. This issue is filled with so many things. He’s dropping quite a few hints of things to come which means you can’t enjoy this as a stand-alone issue.

That is not the issue though.

He’s got the whole picture, but he is not telling us in direct what it is all about.

Here are some pages from the comic.

Avengers #10
Avengers 10
It’s creepy!
Avengers #10 (2013)
The heroes are transforming into something weird.

If you are interested and like the art, go and get it. It may not be in the comics specialty shops anymore, but you can always buy the comics online.

Marvel Now! Avengers #10
Written by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Mike Deodato
Color by Frank Martin
Cover Price is $3.99

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  1. Neil says

    I don’t like the new Avengers. the story arc is unveiling in a very slow pace, while I need to buy 2 issues every month.

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