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Should You Have A Comic Pull List? 6 Reasons You Should

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What Is A Comic Pull List?

For those who don’t read comics or new to this, a comic pull list is the list of comics you pre-order from your local comic shop or retailer to ensure that you don’t miss any issues of your favorite comic series.

By the way, if you are new, read our article on A Beginner’s Guide to Comics – How to Start Reading Comics?

For example, the current issue of the Thor comic series from the October Previews World catalog is #10 for products expected to be in shops in December. If you never want to miss an issue of Thor, you could add Thor to your pull list and get every issue of Thor.

You won’t get heartbroken when you go to the comic store in December and Thor #10 is out of stock. 

Imagine when you are excited about the new release and you head down to your favorite comic shop. You know where they put the latest issue but discovers that the rack is empty.

Oh, it is not in yet, you thought. Maybe due to Covid-19, it will be late. 

You go to the counter, but he confirms that it is gone.


Felt that before?

Set up a comic pull list then.

Your local comic shop would gladly help you with a pull list. It makes their job easier as well. It helps them in managing their monthly orders. They could be more accurate in the number of copies for each title. Minimizing the potential copies they could not sell.

A comic pull list is also a key aspect in creating a relationship with you local comic shop.

What Will You Get With Your Pull List?

If you subscribe to a pull list, you will get the next issue of the series and any of the annuals for the title. You will not get any previous issues and you will not get any crossovers or mini-series.

For example, if you have Thor in the list, when Thor appears in Venom in any upcoming issues of Venom, you will not get that issue of Venom. Unless there’s an understanding with your local comic store. It depends, so ask when you open a pull list.

A pull list always begins with the next available issue.

Why You Should Have A Comic Pull List? The Advantages Of A Comic Pull List.

  • You will not miss any issues of your favorite comic titles. No matter how popular an issue is, you will get it.
  • You won’t miss your favorite title even if you missed going to your local comic shop for a few weeks.
  • Easier to keep track of the comics you are reading. You will not forget which titles you are following and which one you are not.
  • Your local retailer could recommend other series that are closely related to yours, which you may miss. Crossovers, mini-series etc.
  • Easy for you to track your monthly spending budget on comics.
  • Some retailers may offer discounts or extra perks like putting them in mylars and full boards if you reach a minimum order value.

The Disadvantages Of A Comic Pull List.

  • Some comic stores might ask you to commit to a minimum number of titles before you are able to qualify for a pull list.
  • Some retailers may require you to pay in advance, in full or part of it. 
  • A pull list will usually reserve for you the regular covers but check with your retailers first. I have an understanding with mine to always get me the variant covers. My reason is only due to variant covers tend to fetch higher resell value. To make it simple, just go through the Previews World catalog when it is out. It’s online and easy. If you need to make any changes especially on which variant covers you want or any titles or single issue to add, just inform your retailer before the agreed-upon Final Order Cutoff (FOC) date.
Dark Nights: Death Metal Artgerm variant is in my current comic pull list.
For the Dark Nights: Death Metal I specifically requested for the Artgerm variants.

The advantages outweigh the disadvantages significantly when it comes to having a pull list. 

Remember, having a pull list means you are making a commitment to buy the comics on regular basis. You are committing to every issue of the title even if there is one which is a fill-in issue. 

And make sure your wife does not know about this comic pull list or the pre-ordered action figures ha … ha … ha …

This is some from my current pull list:

  • BRZRKR (Berzerker)
  • Dark Nights: Death Metal and all of those related to the series. Refer Dark Nights: Death Metal reading order.
  • DCeased Dead Planet
  • Dune House Atreides
  • Iron Man
  • King In Black
  • Symbiote Spider-Man King In Black
  • Thor
  • Venom
  • Wolverine
  • Wolverine Black White Blood

Do you have a pull list? What is on your comic pull list? Let me know why you have it in your pull list in the comments below. 

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