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3 Benefits of Comic Book Collecting As A Hobby

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Are there any benefits of comic book collecting? Last week, I wrote an article Comic Books Collecting As A Hobby. I wrote how I started comic collecting and how you can too. Today I would like to share with you some of the benefits of comic book collecting.

We are living in a time where everyone is busy with so many activities especially work that we don’t even have time for our families. We always think that higher achievements or a bigger paycheck will make us happier.

If we don’t even have time for our families, do you think we have any for ourselves?

Many still find a hobby as meaningless and it is only an activity that helps to pass time, but when we don’t have any time, what’s the point?

Having said that, you must be thinking why I am writing about the benefits of having a hobby 🙂

Numerous studies prove that overwork actually leads to higher anxiety and depression levels. The only way we can avoid that problem is having a time for ourselves. As the best way to do that is to start a hobby. Having a hobby is just as important as working. There are many advantages and benefits of having a hobby that could actually change the way you view yourself and life. Who knew that what you do in your free time could possibly affect your overall life?

But you have to find the time and try it first.

If you are thinking about starting a hobby, go ahead. Don’t let what others say stop you. Read the benefits and decide. It’s for your own good.

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1. Peace of mind

We are always around people. At work, on the way to the office and also at home. Having a hobby gives us the opportunity to do something on our own. To disconnect from the rest of the world which would help us clear our head. The main benefit why you should get a hobby is that it provides a perfect way to relax your mind, enjoying what you like to do without any type of distraction whatsoever.

A hobby is an excellent relaxing technique. You get naturally relieved from the daily routine of stressful life and it makes a good companion for you where you can let out all your emotions.

While it is important to have a hobby, please ensure that it does not harm those around you. Do not be over-occupied with it until you forget about your family. Everyone should have their own spaces. Just don’t overdo it.

2. The Best Stress Relievers

It is a known fact that people living in the current generation are leading a stressful life compared to the people in the old days. We just don’t have enough time. Or should I say that we choose not to have enough time. The moment we wake up from the bed in the morning we would be running from one place to another the whole day.

Then we complain when we ended up with various health problems. These are actually the stress that is accumulated over a period of time that we could not find any outlet to get relieved.

Coming home after working tirelessly (or from school) to relax while indulging in your favorite hobby is a great stress reliever. It’s even better if your family members share the same interest.

Having a hobby allows it to act as an outlet for relieving stress. We can even say that it is one of those natural stress remedy 🙂 Imagine that a hobby could let out your entire day’s stress. You would definitely feel relieved. As I said earlier, you won’t know until you try it.

justice league benefits of comic book collecting

3. Social Outlet

Earlier I mentioned that a hobby is a good way to have alone time, but on the other side, it is also a good way to meet new people. Many hobbies do tend to have group activities. If you are into comics or action figures, there are those annual comic conventions where the like-minded gathers to meet. You will have the opportunity to interact with other people from a range of different backgrounds, ages, and personalities. It’s not often that we have the opportunity to get to know people outside of our work-lives, families, and neighbors. Having friends out of your working circle does take you ‘away’ from work.

It is also an excellent conversation starter that can reflect your personality, not to mention that it helps reduce anxiety. Oftentimes, in social situations, it is difficult to start a ‘small talk’, don’t you agree. It is different when you have a hobby. If you are into collecting comics, starting a conversation based on the latest movie is not difficult anymore now that there are so many superhero movies around.

Imagine you are at a new working place with new friends and it’s break time and you still don’t have any idea how to mingle in. Then as you are about to sit at the table, they were just starting a conversation on the latest movie, for example, the Man of Steel. Aa haaa … you saw it too. What a great way to start a day at a new workplace.

There you go, 3 benefits of comic book collecting that I think would change the way you view other people with hobbies.

Who knew that a hobby could possibly affect your overall life? Besides being fun, it can actually have benefits that can impact you in a different way.

If you still say that you don’t have time, then something is wrong with you. Try to make time and pick up a hobby. Try getting into comics. You actually don’t even need to physically own one. Go digital. The comics can be downloaded and you can take it anywhere with you.

Why comics?

It’s so easy to start with. Almost everyone has a smartphone, a phablet, an iPad or a tablet. With comics apps, you can take your comics anywhere.

  1. Luke Smith says

    I like that you mentioned how you can have an outlet for relieving stress by having a hobby. I noticed that I’ve never really engaged in recreational activities lately so I think it is about time that I pick up a new hobby. I am thinking of collecting and reading independent comic books, since they look quite cool.

  2. Kremlin says

    Thanks for the tips. I might try reading comics.

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