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Man of Steel – Beautiful

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Man of Steel was released on June 14, 2013. I know … I know, it’s way too late for a review, especially it is not being shown in the cinemas anymore.

Work has always been the culprit that delayed all my updates at comicsmyx.com

or maybe that is just another excuse 🙂

I never liked Superman. The main reason was his old costume. He is a superhero with godlike powers, but he’s wearing his red underwear outside. Everything changed since the Dark Knight Trilogy.

Read The Dark Knight Rises.

My interest in DC Comics characters grew with the New 52. Since the reboot of DC universe, I got interested in getting to know more about DC’s comic characters and it got me started buying the Justice League and Superman Unchained.

And after watching the Man of Steel. I can simply sum it up as ‘Beautiful’. Yes, it is a beautiful movie although the movie was made dark and gritty.

man of steel

With all the superpowers he is always difficult to relate to as a person. As a human being. The way he is introduced, the flashbacks that reveal key moments of his pasts while he drifts from place to place somehow humanized him although we all know he is an alien from Krypton.

I especially liked the first two-thirds of the film, Clark as a boy growing up trying to understand his strange superpowers and at the same time, he is not allowed to use them by his foster parent for fear of being labeled a freak.

You’d empathized with Clark as he is tormented with his powers and the pressure to keep them a secret.

The last one-third of the film, the fight scenes, however, seems to drag a bit. I know that for a person as powerful as Superman who is fighting with General Zod who has similar powers has to be massive, but it’s too much.

On the other hand, with the advancement in CGI, the flying and the fighting are more realistic. Superman is still faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive and able to leap a tall building in a single bound. The CGI made it real.

This is a movie to watch. Watch Man of Steel movie online.

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