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Downsides of Online Games That Every Parent/Partner Should Know

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I have a boyfriend and he is a gamer. I know. Although there are many more disadvantages, I am only listing 4 of the downsides of online games. You must know this so that you can have a healthy relationship with your partner.

If you have children, you must know this so that your kids could have a healthy and meaningful life.

With the internet, people can now play games together even they don’t sit next to each other. Games can be played over networks with other players around the globe and due to the advancement in technology in terms of game play, graphics, depth and also broadband access, online games are getting better and better.

Most of the games today can be played online. If you own a PS4 or planning to buy a PlayStation 5, most of the games can be played online, except for games like Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: Arkham City, and Batman: Arkham Knight

Downsides of Online Games That Every Parent/Partner Should Know 1

Online games are very popular among children and adults, but there are side effects to it if not controlled especially for kids. If you are a parent that have a gaming PC at home or a game console such as Xbox or PlayStation 4, with broadband internet access and allows your children to play online games, please take note.

The same goes to adult gamers too.

Let’s Discuss The Advantages First

  • Mind and hand-eye coordination. This is the main advantages of playing online games. Especially good for children. Your children will learn to coordinate their minds with the actions of what they see and their hands. While performing those actions, they also develop mental strength.
  • Online gaming makes your partner mentally sharp and active. Most games require the player to advance to higher levels or missions. Some levels must be completed within certain times. This helps in learning about time management.
  • Players can be socially active too as they interact and play with complete strangers online.

Now, The Downsides of Online Games That Every Parent/Partner Should Know

It will become a problem when your child or partner is spending too much time on online video games.

Online Games Are Time Consuming

Most online games are fun to play with and are very addictive. Ask any gamers. Most gamers spend large amounts of their time in front of the gaming consoles or computers. Online games requires gamers to think of strategies on how to accomplish their goals while discussing with other players from their alliances. The main goal is to complete the missions and when you are having fun, time flies. Even a simple mobile game can keep you sitting at your PC for hours.

No Social Interaction, No Life

Although they interact with other gamers, but mostly are through chats and also forums. Some would spend the entire day interacting through chats with other gamers rather than actually meeting and talking to individuals in person. This will make them become impersonal in dealing with people in real life.

It Can Affect Your Child’s Health, & Your Partner’s Health Too

Most gamers would prefer playing games in a dark room. The only light available is from the computer screen or TV. This type of environment will cause eye strain and headache. It will also cause prolonged headache even after they stop playing.

It Can Be Expensive

Some sites charge monthly fees to their subscribers. It can be very expensive over a period of time. While there are sites that offer free to play, they do have unique items for sale that gamers can purchase to make their game characters stronger or unique than others that play for free. It will be a big problem if your children are not money savvy or misused your credit card.

There are games that you can get for free.

As a parent or a responsible partner, you don’t want them playing online games all the time. They should have a balance life. There must be time for TV, study, games, and also meeting friend in real life, and family.

It is OK to allow them to play online games, but you have to limit their time. Talk to them, tell them your views and listen to what they say.

Read some tips that were posted before in The Couch Potato Syndrome post.

Playing games is cool, but there must be some limits to it.

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