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Wolverine The Origin Comic Books (2001)

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When Wolverine The Origin Comic series came out, I was able to get all 6 issues.

  • Wolverine: The Origin #1 – The Hill
  • Wolverine: The Origin #2 – Inner Child
  • Wolverine: The Origin #3 – The Beast Within
  • Wolverine: The Origin #4 – Heaven And Hell
  • Wolverine: The Origin #5 – Revelation
  • Wolverine: The Origin #6 – Dust to Dust

When I moved to a new place and was unboxing my collection, found out that some of my comics need the plastic covers and boards replaced. While doing so, at the point of replacing the bags and boards for Wolverine: The Origin issue 3 to 6, I accidentally drop my coffee on it.


It was done and I can’t do anything about it. #1 and #2 was still ok. Decided to sell, now sold.

Any collector would know how I felt at that time. Luckily it wasn’t on any of my key issues.

From that time onwards, when I am doing anything with my comics, I focus on that only. No coffee, no TV … no whatever and at a specific place with the gloves on.

Moved on, with a broken heart though.

Then saw an offer at Amazon for the Wolverine Origin hardcover, bought it and it was my first hardcover.

What Is Wolverine The Origin Comic About?

Wolverine The Origin Comic Book Hardcover Collection Wolverine: The Origin #1-6
The hardcover is in black and white.

The wolverine origin comic book is the controversial story of Wolverine’s earliest struggles against himself and his enemies.

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does best, but what drove him to do it?

I’m the best at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice.

Marvel reaches back more than a century for the shocking story of Wolverine’s first years, first fights and first kill in a naturalistic narrative.

Before he was a man or mutant, even Wolverine was a child, with little hint of the life of lethal loss that awaited him. But childhood’s end comes swiftly when murder strikes both his family and that of his first enemy, staining the young mutant’s newly unsheathed claws with blood.

Leaving nothing but death behind him, the young proto-Wolverine finds sanctuary in a Canadian quarry, where hardship and hatred forge him into a fighting machine.

Get The Origin hardcover from Amazon.

Wolverine The Origin Comic Value

If you love Wolverine, then you should get the single issues instead of the hardcover, but cost wise the hardcover is much cheaper.

From the price listed at MyComicShop, the highest so far for a raw copy is Wolverine The Origin (2001) #2 which is listed for $6.

The rest are lower than that, but if you are planning to get the graded version, a CGC 9.8 of Wolverine The Origin (2001) #3 is listed for $695.

Wolverine Origin Comic Online

I don’t usually do this, but if you are looking for Wolverine origin comic online, you can find them. You can read the Wolverine Origins comic online free. Get them from readallcomics.com. The link is not live, you need to copy and paste the URL to your browser.

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