Robotech TV Series : The Complete Set

No, you can’t find any download of the popular mecha anime series here, but if you are actually looking for it, get it from Amazon. It’s free on Prime.

After visiting my dad at the hospital yesterday, I dropped by to the nearest shopping mall, since it was only about 1 KM from my dad’s house. Fixed my Nike sneakers, had a very late dinner and was just looking around; window shopping.

Until I reached this particular shop and it sells quite a list of anime.

Saw that they have Robotech and it was quite cheap. Didn’t think twice and I got myself the complete set of the Robotech TV Series, plus one of the movie titled Robotech : The Shadow Chronicles. Actually, the shop only got these two at that time, I might buy all if they have them 🙂

I was looking for Robotech for quite a while but the Anime shop near my place was selling at a much higher price. Wanted to wait for a SALE, but then I found this place. I could have gotten myself the pirated version but it was dubbed in Mandarin 😛 I would download it if was in Japanese with English sub but not Mandarin.

So, when the shop told me that it has the complete set, episodes 1-85 and for a price of less than 25, I didn’t think twice and even asked them to add the movie.


Talk about impulse shopping!

As what I’ve mentioned in another post, I read American comics from Marvel and DC. None from the Manga type but I watch Anime, funny isn’t it. Maybe I should buy a few Manga titles after this. Anyway, for Anime, most of my favorites are the mecha type like Robotech and Gundam.

Robotech was shown on TV when I was a kid, and I was an avid follower of that series. Somehow, I can’t remember exactly why I was not able to watch every episode and also didn’t actually finish watching it. Maybe it was swimming class. Only through my friends, I knew how it ended. One thing I remembered was telling myself to get it if it is available when I got the money.

When I started working, Anime was not as popular as is now and it was also difficult to find any Anime titles at an ordinary video shop. Even if I could, it was very expensive and that stop me from getting. That was almost 20 years ago.

I was actually excited the minute I walk out from the shop with Robotech on my hand. Got any dream come true lately. Mind sharing it?

Now that I got the full series, the next target would be the action figure.

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