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LEGO Marvel Gargantos Showdown Building Kit (76205)

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The LEGO Marvel Gargantos Showdown building kit is a fantastic addition to any LEGO or Marvel fan’s collection. This set includes 3 minifigures and a unique monster called the Gargantos. It’s packed with features and details that will keep builders and Marvel enthusiasts entertained for hours.

You have seen the movie, maybe read some of Doctor Strange comics, now let’s play with LEGO Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness Gargantos Showdown kit.

What’s In The LEGO Marvel Gargantos Showdown Building Kit Box

The set contains 264 pieces and retails for USD 29.99 at Amazon. Price may change though.

The main feature of the set is a unique monster called the Gargantos, which has a lot of movable tentacles and a translucent eye. The only problem I find with Gargantos is that it is difficult for the monster to hold a minifigure.

Other than that, I like the details of the minifigures and I think getting this set is much cheaper than buying the minifigures separately.

The three minifigures included are

  • America Chavez: She has a unique outfit, with a star on her chest and a flowing cape. Her hairpiece is also really cool and unique to this set.
  • Doctor Strange: He has his classic outfit with the Cloak of Levitation, which is a nice piece with lots of details. His hairpiece is also accurate to the character, and he comes with a couple of energy effect pieces.
  • Wong: He has a nice suit and tie, and his hat is removable to reveal an alternate expression. His hairpiece is also really well done, and he comes with a weapon accessory.

Overall, I think the build for this set is pretty good. Most of the pieces are used to build the gargantos monster. It’s pretty straightforward and not too complicated, but it’s still fun to put together and the result looks great.

LEGO Marvel Gargantos Showdown

You get a unique and well-designed monster, along with three great minifigures and a few smaller builds. I think this set would be a great addition to any LEGO Marvel collection, and it’s worth the price. Get yours from Amazon.

The box was taken just before I opened it. I jus finished the LEGO Gargantos Showdown instructions. Will share it with you guys once I have uploaded it to youtube.

Is There Any Benefit of Playing LEGO For Children Aged 8 to 12

Playing with LEGO sets has numerous benefits for children between the ages of 8 and 12. For one, it improves fine motor skills, as they can put the small LEGO pieces together and connect them. Building with LEGO also helps children develop problem-solving skills as they work through the instructions and figure out how to put the different pieces together.

LEGO Marvel Gargantos Showdown may not be your child-only LEGO set. Having more means there are more options which also encourages creativity and imagination as children have the freedom to create their designs and scenarios.

Plus, building with LEGO is a great activity for families or friends because it encourages collaboration and communication. All in all, building with LEGO is a fun and engaging activity that can bring many benefits to children’s development.

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