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Action Figures: Starting With A Niche

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Starting with a niche will not make your collection complicated.

When I wrote the article 5 Steps on How To Start an Action Figure Collection, I mentioned that before you start with your collection – find a niche.

Starting with a niche is much easier. You do not have to worry about a lot of things. In that article, I did not really stress why it is important to find your niche or theme.

The Main Reason To Start With A Niche Is – You Will Get A Clear Direction

Without it, it’s easy to get lost or discouraged in today’s complex market. Whether you are collecting for enjoyment or financial gain, you do not want to end up paying too much for your collection of mismatched figures.

This is part of my son’s collection. A mix or Transformers, DC comics and Star Wars. By the way, the Star Wars Minifigures are mine.

If you are into a diorama, you will find it difficult to mix and match BumbleBee, Superman, and the Stormtroopers.

Set of action figures from different niche

If your action figure niche or theme is Star Wars, it is easy to arrange your collection. Regardless of whether it’s Minifigures or the 5-inch action figures.

starting with a niche will not make your collection complicated
Action Figures: Starting With A Niche 1

So, How To Decide Your Niche?

Easy, start with what you like the most first.

  1. If you are into Funko Pops, you can start with Justice League to kick off your collection. Check out our article 2 Unique Justice League Funko Pop Variant For You To Choose From. And then expand it further to all Funko Pop like the Halo Funko Pop.
  2. Or if you just want to stick with Justice League, then add on the DC Direct and Kotobukiya action figures into your collection. The figurine sizes are different between Funko Pop, DC Direct, and Kotobukiya, but it is still in the same Justice League niche.
  3. You are a Marvel fan and would like to start with x-Men, then the Hasbro Marvel Legends X-Men collectibles would suit you well. The Wolverine character alone has many different versions from Marvel Legends.
  4. If you are a Transformer fan, then start with the most fan-favorite character, Bumblebee. Bumblebee alone has many versions and produced by many manufactures.
  5. If you like Star Wars, well … if you start collecting Star Wars action figures, I don’t think you will not have any room for the others … ha … ha … ha … Anyway check the Boba Fett vintage Exclusive.
  6. Not into Transformers? Well, there is the mobile-suit Gundam. You can start with the Gundam First Grade and then expand your collection further. Bandai is the primary licensee of the Gundam trademark. So, if you are buying Gundam, you can only get them from Bandai.

Collecting action figures should be fun. It should not be a headache. Starting with a niche will just make it simpler. Just start with what you like and expand your collection from there. It will also be easier on your wallet when you just don’t buy everything.

If you didn’t already know – the term “action figure” was first coined by Hasbro in 1964, to market their G.I. Joe figure to boys who would not play with dolls.

It’s better than calling it a boy’s doll, right? Ohh .. talking about dolls. Check our Marvel Legends Black Widow doll, ha.. ha.. ha..

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