Iron Man

Bring on the sequel, please 🙂

I find Iron Man just brilliant, terrific and uniquely entertaining. It’s the best comic movie ever. A perfect adaptation from the comics and there’s more character development in this single movie than any other comic based movies. No flat cartoon characters like Fantastic Four here and if compared to Transformers, although Iron Man is also glossy and shiny, he’s more human inside.

Robert Downey Jr plays Tony Stark. He’s a multi-billionaire womanizer who’s a bit boyish sometimes, a little too sarcastic, arrogant, but as a whole, he’s likable … and believable. He actually holds the film together.

The movie starts with a scene in Afghanistan, where Tony Stark is doing a demo on the ‘Jericho’ missile, his latest destructive creation. On the way back, he was attacked by a group of terrorist called the Ten Rings and was severely wounded by his own weapon, and captured. He was forced to build them a version of Jericho’ but instead he built his escape plan. He returned as a changed man, and now wants an end to all weapons development. His new found conscience led him to the creation of Iron Man.

Enough spoilers, go and watch the movie. You will love it. It’s ok if you have missed Ghost Rider or Fantastic Four, but if you are a comic/Marvel fan, this is not to be missed. Anyway, I saw Iron Man alone at Sunway Carnival Mall after my shift ended. The whole team has been working 24 hours for the past 6 days and our SAP is now LiVE!

I am going for my second round with the kids next Saturday. So, look for me if you are going to One Utama.

By the way, if you are a fan, Marvel also introduced SHIELD in this movie and if you don’t know, in the comics world Iron Man is the Director of SHIELD, not Nick Fury.

By the way, if you are into action figures, you should check out the Iron Man Mark IV Hot Toys movie masterpiece, you will be amazed by the details.


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