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Reading Comics From My New Samsung Galaxy Note II

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Now that Samsung Galaxy S4 is out, the price of Samsung Galaxy Note II has gone down a bit. I don’t think it’s good to always buy the latest gadget. I know that there’s already a plan to introduce Note III at the end of the year, but with the price reduction, it’s impossible to resist Note II.

It has an enormous battery that lasts – 3,100 mAh battery. Expandable memory, which I haven’t add any 🙂

Amazing huge 5.5in HD AMOLED screen and blazingly fast 1.6GHz quad-core processor.

As an avid comic reader, the first thing I did was install the Marvel Comics Apps. Then I downloaded the first 3 issues of Uncanny X-Force Volume 2. You don’t need to be online to read comics. The comics can be downloaded to your device and you can read it even when there’s no internet connection. Of course, if you are planning to download your whole collection, then you would need a bigger memory.

Here is how to redeem marvel comics. The free digital edition.

samsung galaxy note

The panel by panel display of the comics really makes the story come alive. Try it out if you have not done so.

samsung galaxy note

The Note II is smaller than the 10.1 tablet or iPad, but this device is really portable and you won’t look weird when answering the phone.

You don’t have to always get the latest gadget with the latest specs. Even the one that was launch last year is good enough if your usage is mostly browsing, Facebooking, and also reading comics.

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