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The New Age Of Comics

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Hey there, my fellow comic aficionados! Jack Jack is here to take you on a thrilling journey through the world of digital comics.

The landscape of print media and publishing has undergone massive transformations in the past decade, thanks to the rise of the internet, e-book readers, and the decline of traditional newspapers and magazines. As these changes unfold, the concept of embracing digital media is evolving at lightning speed.

However, while thousands flock to their Kindles, iPads and Android tablets to read the latest New York Times, Vanity Fair, or Twilight novel, the comic book industry has been slightly slower in adopting its new digital face.

Only in the last 4 years, we saw a significant change. Nonetheless, comic book collectors are faced with a quandary unlike many collectors before them – whether to continue collecting the graphic novel in its traditional form, or embrace the new digital comic era.

On one hand, we have the hipster purists – the collectors who find it inconceivable to believe that a digital version of a comic could ever match the tangible, artistic quality and glossy pages of a real comic book. To this crowd, part of the comic book experience involves hopping on their trusty mountain bike and cruising down to the local comic book store to purchase the latest edition of Detective Comics. And all this while having some change left over from their vending machine Sunkist.

Of course, the purist comic book collector appreciates that the value of a print comic book, when kept in mint condition, can appreciate over time. Their collection is filled with tangible, physical items that can be admired, perused, and even traded.

On the other hand, we have the non-purists, the ones eager to immerse themselves in the marvelous world of over-the-top superheroes defending justice against villains in a black-and-white realm of good versus evil. For the comic newbies (don’t worry, we’ve all been there), the digital version of comics may be your best bet.

Digital comics offer several advantages: they are cheaper when subscribed to monthly, more accessible, and can be easily stored. Plus, there’s no need to trek to your parents’ house, dust off your old 10-speed bike from the garage, only to realize the tires need pumping. Downloading a comic book requires minimal effort, my friends.

Reading digital comic books allows you to leisurely enjoy your favorite stories over a bowl of cereal, free from the worry of milk droplets or accidental page creases that could damage your prized possession. It’s a convenient and mess-free experience.

However, it’s worth noting that as digital comics can be mass-produced and stored as files on your computer, smartphone, or iPad, they lack the appreciable value associated with owning a physical comic book. Your collection becomes a mass of digital files on a hard drive instead of something that can be proudly displayed and admired like a physical comic collection.

Now, if you’re a comic collector, there’s no doubt that print versions of comics hold more value than their digital counterparts. The tactile nature of a physical comic book and its potential for appreciating in value over time make it a true collector’s item. However, comic book makers and sellers should not view digital comics as a super-villain. Instead, they should see the digital market as a brand new avenue for entrepreneurial opportunities.

Ultimately, it boils down to your goals. If you’re seeking a true collector’s experience, with the thrill of holding and preserving physical comics, then the print versions are the way to go. But if you simply want to indulge in a good graphic story and enjoy easy accessibility, then digital comics can provide you with the best reading experience and convenience.

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So, my dear readers, whether you choose to journey through the pages of a printed comic or explore the digital realm, the world of comics has something for everyone. Embrace the medium that brings you joy and satisfies your cravings for epic tales.

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