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Venom Action Figure

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For this Marvel Legends Venom Action Figure you need six other Marvel Legends action figures to build it. In my previous post, for the VenomPool, you only need 5.

The Action Figures You Need To Build Venom Action Figure

Venom Action Figure 1
Venom Action Figure 2
Venom Action Figure 3
Venom Action Figure 4
Venom Action Figure 5
Venom Action Figure 6

Make sure you get the correct action figures. If not, they just won’t fit.

You would find this Venom action figure massive and absolutely stunning. The beautiful glossy metallic shimmer works very well for a Venom symbiote and I think it just looks amazing.

Marvel Legends Action Figures

Marvel Legends action figures are suitable for children 4 years and up. Don’t just get your child an action figure, but get the Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure series.

Let them enjoy building a Venom action figure on their own. Well, if you are buying for yourself, go ahead. I won’t tell 😀

I shared a few tips in my beginner’s guide on How To Start An Action Figure Collection? I also shared about Starting With A Niche. Just be extra careful if you are planning to start with Marvel Legends action figures. It could be overwhelmed and easily burn a hole in your wallet.

The BAF series may require you to buy unrelated figures.

An example in this case is Typhoid Mary. So far I could not find her relationship to Venom in any way. Typhoid Mary was initially depicted as an enemy of Daredevil. She first appeared in Daredevil #254 which was published in May 1988. 

The closest would be with Spider-Man. Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #214 that was published in 1994. But in that issue, she’s the enemy of Spider-Man and not Venom.

If you don’t mind getting one or two unrelated action figures, then it should not be a problem.

Typhoid Mary - Venom Action Figure BAF
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