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Can Comics Cure Boredom?

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So, can comics cure boredom?

Other than using comics to promote healthy reading habits to children, the answer is yes, comics can cure boredom.

A comic book is like a picture book. Instead of reading, you enjoy the art and the short conversation. You can finish a comic book in less than an hour while you need at least a few days to complete a book. Unless you are speed reading.

It’s more fun to read a comic book. They are usually very colorful and contain stories about heroes vs villains, magic and sometimes mythical beasts.

I like the colorful part a lot.

It is easy to pick up a comic book and you could also read comics on your tablet.

The best part about a comic book is the escapism it offers. Escape from your boring and stressful life and be the hero you want to be.

An Example How Comics Help Me During My Business Trips

Working in IT requires a lot of traveling. The day starts very early and finishes late especially if there’s an ongoing project. Even if you have friends staying nearby your hotel, the timing is always not right.

There was one time when I have to be outstation on work assignment and I had to go alone.

Checked on a few friends, but seems like a few that I knew that were staying at the place I am going to, have changed jobs and moved somewhere else.

The nearest one was a 45 minutes drive away, but our schedule somehow doesn’t fit. Even if we could, it still requires at least 90 minutes of travelling and when I am outstation, I usually don’t drive. Took the plane instead.

Stuck alone for 3 weeks in a dull little town. Not to offend anyone, I am keeping the location a secret 🙂

Luckily I have my comics with me and I still have a few issues that I have not read. Yes, I do bring some of my comics during my business trips. All in bags and boarded, and also in a special casing.

Can comics cure boredom

At that time there were many Avengers title. Marvel was coming out with a new Avengers title like every other month. They’ve got Avengers, Avengers Arena, Avengers Assemble, Dark Avengers, New Avengers, Secret Avengers, Uncanny Avengers, Young Avengers.

There was also The Avengers AI and The Mighty Avengers. For that particular trip I brought with me Avengers # 1-10.

So … back to the question … can comics cure boredom?


Once I am back to the hotel after work, took my bath, changed, had dinner, and then it was time to let myself loose in the Marvel Universe.

The stories in comics are not based on real-life, it can be similar but it’s not. You can truly disengage from the world around you into the world of your own.

The perfect escapism.

There’s always something for everyone. It’s not only about The Avengers. Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, most of my friends who has never read a single comic book before always thought that Marvel Comics is all about Avengers.

And thanks to the popularity of Marvel movies, to them … Man of Steel is also from Marvel.

It’s more than that.

If you are new into comics and is interested to get to know more on how to start, read the article I wrote earlier A Beginner’s Guide To Comics – How To Start Reading Comics?

Enough rambling for today.

  1. Dewi says

    Hi, nice short post. Nice collection of Avengers too. After reading this post, I can see that u r looking forward to your next biz trip.

    Leave the family behind and free time to read your comics 🙂

    1. Azwan says


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