Bumblebee Action Figure

Bumblebee is one of my favorite Autobots! In the original generation one Transformers series, Bumblebee transforms into a yellow Volkswagen Beetle. But in the Transformers movie, he transforms into a yellow Chevrolet Camaro.

I bought this action figure at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport during one of my business trips. Didn’t know that it was cheaper to buy it there than at the Toys R Us store downtown. Bought it while the first Transformers movie was still showing in the cinemas and it is still my son’s favorite’s toy.





You know, although it is my kid’s toy, sometimes there’s still the urge hold, feel and also to transform it to a Chevrolet Camaro and back to robot mode. It makes me feel so much like a kid again! 🙂

If you are looking something for yourself and not your kid, then check out this link for more. There are more reviews available.


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