Unboxing My New 320GB PlayStation 3

Finally, my new PS3.

I made the decision on a new PlayStation 3 over Wii and Xbox 360. A visit to my brother’s house and a game using the PlayStation Move made up my mind.

My kids love playing with PlayStation Move so much …. so, why bother comparing with the others anymore. I got PS One, which I have given away. I still have my PS2 connected to the TV and the kids will never leave the PSP when we travel. So, why get something else rather than a PlayStation 🙂

We did try on Microsoft Kinect before, but they said it is a bit difficult and they are not used to play with something they can’t hold or feel.

At first, I though of getting the PlayStation 3 Gran Turismo 5 Racing Pack which include a Titanium Blue PlayStation 3 Slim with a 160GB hard drive, a matching Titanium Blue wireless PS3 controller, and the Gran Turismo 5 game. The price is higher, but you will get something unique from others, but … I am not really into racing, so I got the black one instead.

The first thing I did is to register myself at PlayStation Network to claim an additional 3 months warranty from Sony and right after that, I connected my PS3 to my wireless modem and also connect my account with Facebook. Then I downloaded the latest patch, which is the 3.55. I heard a lot about other gamers out there who have problems with this patch, so far … no issue on my console.

The process was very easy.

Then, we started playing and only stopped when my wife said – ‘Kids, stop playing, it’s time for bed’


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