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X-Force #6: Intelligence

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X-Force #6 variant cover

X-Force #6

Story By: Benjamin Percy
Art By: Stephen Segovia
Colors By: Guru-eFX
Letters By: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover By: Dustin Weaver and Edgar Delgado
Release Date: January 29, 2020

Finally my first physical comic of the year. I told you that I going to get this copy in X-Force #5.

I got the X-Force #6 Dark Phoenix Saga 40th Anniversary variant cover. It’s been a while, holding and reading a physical comic book. It feels great. Now that I got this, means that I will be buying physical comics more frequently.

X-Force #6 two page panels
Beast commanding his field agents

The X-Force operates in two separate teams. One combat and the other counterintelligence, but this time we get to see Jean Grey in action alongside Wolverine, Domino, and Kid Omega.

I am writing a short review this time. You can scroll down to the summary below to read my summary. The thing I would like to highlight is the data pages.

Data Pages from X-Force #6

I have mentioned it many times in the previous review of the X-Force series. The data pages tell a lot. It really helps in the storytelling.

The data pages are adding more depth to ‘what is going on’ in the X-Force series. If you just concentrate on the art and dialog and ignore the data pages then you will miss a lot. This time, X-Force #6 reveals Xavier’s plan in uniting the mutants of Krakoa. Seems like his recent death and resurrection are part of a plan.

He planned his own assassination?

How he did that?

He has used this before. He has pretended to die many times, but as what you can see in the series, this time he actually died. I hope it would be revealed further in future issues, but I never thought of that until I read the Xaviers’ Confession data page.

Xaviers’ Confession

He hoped for death. He dreamt welcomingly of the bullet or the blade or the poison that would fell him.

His fellow mutants deserved the happiness and safety he had provided them, but he knew that some part of them remained equivalent to spoiled children. They could only value what they had if they recognized how easily this gift – nationhood, resurrection – might be stripped away. The lofty walls of Krakoa could fall. A deathly season, after all, makes one grateful for the warm bloom of spring.

Words can only accomplish so much. His own notions of what liberty and power and self-actualization and nationhood mean could not be forced onto others by speeches. He needed a spectacle of blood. He needed collective grief and anguish. He needed a scar that ran across the entire island, that scored the heart of mutant-kind.

Without this – some early proof that the rough beasts had been aroused and incited by mutant innovation – his fellow mutants wouldn’t be unified except in theory and geography. Inevitably strife and differences, old and new grudges would drive them apart. Krakoa needed Lusitania. Krakoa needed a Pearl Harbor.

Right now they had a choice. He knew their survival depended on them feeling that they had no choice.

His death and his rebirth would be the ultimate expression of his dream. The new dawn couldn’t truly begin until the five brought him back. Because then the mutants would know that their future and existence did not depend upon him, but upon themselves. This is how he would cement the faith of the nation – and ready everyone for the horrors to come.

Terra Verde

This troubled nation has stabilized in recent years under the rule of resident Manuel Cocom, who ran on a platform of reform. The nation’s GDP had previously been fueled largely by agriculture and petroleum. But the lagging economy – the fourth smallest in South America – demanded change.

Following his election, Cocom made good on his promise to look to the future instead of to the past for inspiration and focused all the nation’s resources into organic technology. Tax incentives and grants and subsidies were specifically funneled into the field of telefloronics.

Telefloronics is derived from same principles of nanotechnology, only its focus is organic. Programming takes place on a cellular level. If a host body achieves microbial or fungal symbiosis, it can potentially clear the plaque from its arteries, repair synaptic pathways, heal wounds and attack cancers.

The technology is a closely guarded state secret that Cocom views as equivalent to atomic research. This phrasing has made the UN particularly anxious, because it implies not just a medical breakthrough, but also the potential of weaponization.

Not much is known about their advancement, but most of their initial investors – who helped shore up the Terra Verdean economy – have pulled out, citing a lack of progress.

When the mutant nation first announced their treaty proposal to the world, Cocom angrily referred to Krakoan medicine as act of plagiarism and threatened to sue, saying that the mutant nation had effectively neutered them economically.

He has since walked back on that claim. And after a series of private talks, he has agreed to sign with the mutants.

FYI, I copied the text. I didn’t rewrite them. It’s not short, but luckily I got my Samsung Galaxy Note mobile and pen. Copy and paste with minor modification which was done in 5 seconds.

In Summary, X-Force #6 …

It is interesting to see that Beast is in charge of the ‘mutant CIA’ (Mystique – X-Force #4) X-Force. Beast being a genius is overconfidence. He boasted about being 5 moves ahead of everyone else, but the last page simply showed differently.

X-Force #6 is another great entry in an increasingly strong series. X-Force #6 is not the best of this ongoing series, but it just shows that X-Force is now one of the Dawn of X’s best comics. At least, that’s is my view.

The art, and especially the coloring keeps being great. Stephen Segovia steps in for the guest artist spot in X-Force #6 and I think his smooth style fits nicely.

Another issue with a recommend Buy from me.

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