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X-Force #4: Blood Economics

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X-Force #4 cover

X-Force #4

Story By: Benjamin Percy
Art By: Joshua Cassara
Colors By: Dean White and Guru-eFX
Letters By: VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover By: Dustin Weaver and Edgar Delgado
Release Date: December 18, 2019

Another day another infiltration of the mutant’s sovereign nation. This time it is not directed to Krakoa, but another facility.

It is at one of Xavier’s company. Xavier Pharmaxeuticals to be exact.

Jean Grey, Beast, and Sage begin to gather intelligence of an attack of Xavier Pharmaceutical’s Distribution Site that is off the eastern seaboard. Instead of telling Beast and Sage what had happened, Jean showed them.

She did that by creating a psionic replication and playback of the crime scene. If you are a fan of CSI, you will like the CSI styled detective work.

X-Force 4 Jean's psionic replication of the crime scene.
Jean’s psionic replication of the crime scene

I like the art of Jean Grey creating psionic replication of the crime scene especially the colors. The colors used made it awesome.

What Jean did, made Beast and Sage forensic work easier.

They learned that the assault team that attacked the distribution site is efficient and perfectly timed similar to the crew of assassins that assaulted Krakoa in X-Force #1. However, the weapons used and tactical gears are different.

They also learned that the attack this time is financial and it seems like the attackers are trying to bankrupt Xavier.

I mentioned in X-Force #2, the in-between data pages that explain other related things, help in the storytelling. New readers would really find this useful to understand more about Krakoa and also the characters in the X-Force series.

Again, a great idea.

In The Portfolio of Charles Xavier page, you will learn that Charles Xavier is very wealthy, if not the wealthiest and most powerful man alive (dead and brought back to life in X-Force #3… hah …).

Even Sebastian Shaw aka The Black King said that even if “Xavier gets robbed, but he’s a billionaire”.

x-force #4 sebastian shaw of the quiet council

The Quiet Council

The attack on Krakoa, Xavier’s death and the latest attack on Xavier’s company set the discussion of The Quiet Counsel to formalize a strategy to stop the new threat.

Should there be a response team to attack back? Why the X-Force is needed and what is their purpose?

Sebastian Shaw, as per the panel above, isn’t taking it very seriously. Storm is very direct. Nightcrawler raising concerns about the moral compass and Mystique is quite critical of Xavier’s plan.

Many questions arise about the morality of having a CIA team and if they should fight back against the terrorists.

This is the first time The Quiet Council’s meeting is shown in this series. Quite interesting with a mix of personalities.

When Xavier started the meeting, he compared the X-Force to Hercules and Athena. Hercules needed Athena’s wisdom while Athena needed Hercules’s strength.

X-Force is built on this same concept.

Jean Grey ended the meeting by saying “If Athena is our CIA then Hercules is our Delta Force. So we’ve gathered our intelligence and now we gather our arms”.

The Armory

Wolverine, Domino, and Kid Omega visit Forge to get geared up. We get to see a cool new tech, a hybrid of Krakoa’s organics with normal weapons. It has renewable ammo and it’s very versatile. It can be a hand cannon, a sword, anything.

While they were discussing the new weapons and tech, they are interrupted by Sage to suit up and get to the gate hub.

Another of Xavier’s businesses in San Francisco is being attacked.

However as they begin to enter the transport hub, a bomb exploded on the other side of the portal. Domino didn’t get through, but Kid Omega’s head is reaped off and Wolverine is cut in half.

Are both of them dead?

It seems like the enemies of Krakoa are well trained and deadly efficient. I can’t wait for X-Force #5.

Wolverine cut into half in X-Force 4 ending

In Summary, X-Force #4 …

Overall X-Force #4 is one of the best from the X-Force series. We get to see more detective work on this issue. Some action, mystery, drama, comedy (Forge’s Daily Planner is hilariously informational), and more death. This issue made the X-Force members official. I enjoyed it and another good issue.

Read our review of the first issue: X-Force #1.

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