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Secret Invasion

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Read Secret Invasion. Yes, that what you need to do when you are a long holiday at home and really don’t have anything planned?

1. Let the kids play with the PlayStation 4 in the living room.
2. Let your wife complete her fav tv series on Netflix

When the missus and the kids are busy, you can read your comics. Yay! If you didn’t make any new purchase, you can always re-read your collection 🙂 and today I re-read my Secret Invasion collection.

Secret Invasion was Marvel’s major crossover event of the summer of 2008. It revolved around the infiltration of Earth’s superhuman community by new genetically-altered Super-Skrulls. Similar to the Super-Skrull Kl’rt, who mimicked the abilities of the Fantastic Four, each of these Super-Skrulls mimicked the abilities of an individual or group.

Mini-series is great, at times. It just makes everything or every title link to each other. But, nowadays it seems like mini-series are not as what they are supposed to be. It looks like Marvel (and DC) are only interested in milking more money from their readers. Not that it is not good, but as a reader, it’s like a long marathon. You will get exhausted especially if you need to follow every cross-over across different titles, and as I said, you need to spend more money too.

Marvel is coming out with one event after the other. When I bought the Secret Invasion mini-series, I was still not settled with the Civil War yet. Then there are also the World War Hulk, Dark Reigns, The War of Kings, etc. It’s good, but it’s exhausting just to keep up. That’s why I only stick to a few titles, even though that means that I will miss out part of the storyline.

I just need to wait when I have extra cash and then just go online to Amazon and buy it at a cheaper price when the price goes down.

secret invasion

The above is the cover from Secret Invasion #5. Writer: Brian Michael Bendis. Penciller: Leinil Francis Yu. Inker: Mark Morales. Colorist: Gabriele Dell’Otto, Laura Martin. It was originally published on August 2008 and rated T.

Anyway, my main complaint on Secret Invasion is the artwork. It seems hurried most of the times and Leinel is not good in illustrating multi-characters. Some may argue this, but this is how I felt.

Secret Invasion started off with Tony Stark succumbed to the Skrull’s mind game by believing he is a sleeper agent and ended with the Skrulls being defeated, and the death of an Avenger, who has never been a popular character. But … I am very sure that Marvel will bring her back.

At least they have to kill somebody in an event as big as this.

To tell you the truth, I find that the ending of the war with the Skrulls was too easy. It takes the fun out of reading the climax after all the build-up.

If you want to add this to your collection, it’s already available in hardcover. You don’t need to get the individual issue. Just one book that collects #1 – #8.

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