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X-Force #2 The Sword of Damocles, is Better Than #1

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The art by Joshua Cassara in X-Force #2 looks better than in X-force #1. The first 3 pages are beautifully done. Much better than the sketchy first issue.

I also love the page where Wolverine is popping and sheathing his claws at the same time when he said to the Healer, “Healing and hurting can be one and the same”.

There is also one beautiful page when Jean Grey looked into the head of the surviving Reaver.

In X-Force #2 we now know that the Reavers are the ones that attacked Krakoa. They managed to sneak in as Domino by grafting her skins onto theirs. The mutants only realized their arrival only after the Reavers started shooting and killing.

Although the Reavers were defeated, they still managed to murder Charles Xavier, with 32 other mutants, and destroyed his Cerebro helmet. 

The Reavers were able to track Professor X using a homing device that was inserted either through the champagne or crab cake appetizers from the Sokovian treaty ceremony which Charles attended earlier.

X-Force #2 Review

Magneto & Jean Grey

This issue opens with Magneto lamenting the loss of Professor X. He is angry and upset over Xavier’s death.

“If only I had been here, I could have stopped the bullet”

“If only you were made of metal, I might put you back together.

If only, old friend.”

Magneto hovers over the corpse and reassembles Professor X’s Cerebro helmet. The bullet hole is still there even when he puts it back together. He then transforms it into a sword. He tells Jean Grey that she must resurrect Xavier and she must understand what is at stake if she fails. If their enemies find out, it could be war.

Cradle One – Jean Grey & Beast

Jean tells Beast that at any one time, one version of Cerebro can be live and Charles made backups of its intelligence throughout Krakoa. She wants Beast to bring Cerebro at Cradle One back online. If he can bring it back online, then they can bring Professor X back.

Between the comic panels, there is an Assassination Query page that serves as a summary of the investigation done on the attack, victims, attackers, weapons, and gears used.

I like the idea. It saves a lot of comic panels by summarizing it.

It adds more things to read about. Perfect for using comics to promote reading, but please be advised that the X-Force is rated ‘Parental Advisory‘.

Healing Garden – Black Tom Cassidy, Sage, Dr. Reyes, Healer and Wolverine

While Dr. Reyes is doing the autopsy, we can see that Black Tom is blaming himself for the loss of Professor X.

Wolverine enters the Healing Gardens and asks if any of the Reavers are alive. Dr. Reyes says there is one that is barely alive. Wolverine tells them to not make the surviving Reaver comfortable.

Sage reveals that they discovered part of Domino’s skin grafted on to each Reaver. That was the reason the Reavers were able to get through Krakoa’s defenses.

X-Force #2 Wolverine

Wolverine tells Sage to get Jean to read the surviving Reaver’s mind and find out all that he knows and whether Domino is dead or alive.

Sage wonders why Wolverine is not telling Jean himself.

‘I am going hunting’ aka Wolverine solving everything with his fists.

You need to read the rest by yourself.

In X-Force #2 Benjamin Percy is splitting the team into two here. We have Jean, Beast, Sage, Black Tom, and Dr. Reyes work on finding information. And we have Wolverine and Kid Omega goes hunting.

X-Force #2 Cover

X-Force #2
Story By: Benjamin Percy
Art By: Joshua Cassara
Colors By: Dean White
Letters By: Joe Caramagna
Cover By: Dustin Weaver
Release Date: November 27, 2019

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